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The industries of chemistry, materials, semiconductors, opt-electronics and biology are regarded significant not only for the present but also for the future in Taiwan. These industries, developing and progressing by leaps and bounds, are eager for chemical and materials engineering talents to devote themselves to teams of production development and R&D. Our Department aims at producing students equipped with expertise of both chemical engineering and materials engineering. The following three topics have been identified as our primary focuses:
Nano and Molecular Engineering 
Traditional core courses begin from the standpoint of continuum physics. Nano and molecular engineering intends to fix problems, and the concepts and ideas of nonoengineering are crucial features of an optimum design element. The students of our Department will have in-depth knowledge of nano and molecular engineering and learn to solve critical problems in contemporary and high-tech engineering practices. Molecular engineering courses will help students to engage in the research, development and production of specialty chemicals, nano materials and precision chemicals.
Materials Technology 
Both the information semiconductor industry and opt-electronics industry have become increasingly crucial in the domestic market. Due to the establishment of both science-based industrial parks and technological-based industrial parks, a great demand for chemical engineering and materials technology talents by the opt-electronics and semiconductor industries is expected. Thus, our Department has formulated a program of materials technology, which narrows the focus to the production and application of nanomaterials, opt-electronics materials, semiconductor materials, and electronics-specific chemicals.
Biochemical Engineering 
Over the past few years, great advances in biotechnology have been made as fundamental genetic engineering and molecular biology problems are being solved.  Biochemical engineering incorporates comprehensive domains of human life: medical technology, health and medication, food and nutrition, agricultural production, pollution prevention and energy. The foundations of biochemical engineering are laid by fundamental biochemical engineering courses, as our Department intends to cultivate students’ talents and prepare them for leadership positions in the burgeoning filed of biotechnology